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 Description of what Khrymson Taijitu will be about!

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PostSubject: Description of what Khrymson Taijitu will be about!   Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:15 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to Khrymson Taijitu! I'd like to take the time to explain a little about the guild I'm trying to form. I'm going to need help so I hope to see many members that support my type of play-style and would like to join me. This guild is going to be Order Faction only, but sometime in the future once we've exhausted everything on the Destruction Faction, we will most likely be playing over here.

Basically I'd describe Khrymson Taijitu as an Player vs Environment, Exploration and Tome of Knowledge Guild!

First off I love Player vs. Environment more than anything else! I guess its mostly from playing so many single player RPGs over the span of my lifetime thus far and thats where I get this urge to play solo. I'm not sure what it is really... Is it the excitement in finding a new area or defeating a particularly tough enemy on my own... Hoarding all the loot for myself!? I've never been able to point to exactly what it is I love so much about playing solo, I just do!

I do really love to group and have crazy adventures with other players. There are some events and scenarios that just don't form or happen when solo so its a blast sometimes to experience those with others. Its also fun to work together and complete a quest or dungeon or a particularly evil enemy that has been giving us a hard time. Friends are always good to have stockpiled around for these types of instances.

Anyway, the main topic that I want this guild to focus on is the Player vs. Environment. Now what does that mean you ask? Well basically its concentrating on the lore and talking to every NPC, paying attention to and completing everything they ask of you! Finding every quest and event that one can solo or defeat with a small group. Along with the PvE comes the environment, this means going out and exploring the world that Mythic has built for us to adventure in! I want us to find every hidden cave, ruins, outposts, coves and outcroppings looking far and wide in every corner of those plains, on top of the highest mountain or at the bottom of the deepest lake, river and ocean!

Then comes the Tome of Knowledge which was one of the main features thats pulling me into this game! I love to explore all corners of the world killing thousands and thousands of monsters to fill that bar, discover that hidden book for another piece of lore and unlocked every ???! I'm an completionist through and through. I must find and do everything a game has to offer or it can drive me nuts sometimes. I wanna know everything about a game eventually from playing it! From what I've seen in the videos on the ToK its just incredibly deep and looks to be quite a challenge to complete it, and thats where Khrymson Taijitu's members will be very important. I want us all to work together and complete this beast of a Tome together! Of course not always doing everything together, but to the extent of offering each other hints and clues so you have an opportunity to find something on your own, if you so wish.

This brings me to pointing out that Khrymson Taijitu will be based on a US Order PvE Server. Now I love Mythic and their creation of Realm vs Realm just as much as the next fan, however I don't want to have to deal with high level players of the opposite faction running around in our PvE areas ganking me or others while were trying to complete the quests and exploring in those areas. I love RvR very much but I like having the option of choosing to walk into an RvR area and getting myself killed alot when I feel like it. I don't want us to have to deal with griefers either! Now I do plan to play RvR alot since there are going to be quite a few ToK achievements to unlock, including one I know I'm gonna get fast which is get killed 100,000 times during RvR!

RvR will be something I plan to have Khrymson Taijitu participate in often, so don't worry if you think I won't be wanting to do that with everyone! I loved the RvR in DAoC and can't wait to delve into it again!

Well I hope that answers most if not all your questions about Khrymson Taijitu, and I hope to see you sign up here, fill out an application for membership and eventually we all can work on developing a lasting friendship together!
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Description of what Khrymson Taijitu will be about!
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