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 Khrymson Taijitu Charter

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PostSubject: Khrymson Taijitu Charter   Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:06 pm

About Khrymson Taijitu:

Khrymson Taijitu is a Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning ~ Order Guild founded by Khrymson. Currently only being led by myself, but hopefully that will change and I meet several future Warhammer players that would like to help! Eventually, I plan to have 3 Race Commanders that will help with leading the guild & forum moderation and 12 Class Officers that specialize in each particular class whom will help guide our members. Having all the power is really fun but its extremely overwhelming trying to balance it all!

~ General Rules and Responsibilities as a Member of all Ranks ~

* Must Respect the Guild Leader, Race Commanders, Class Officers, Members and all Initiates ~ There are no exceptions to this rule. Everybody follows the same procedure to gain entry into the guild, meaning members should treat others as if they were the Guild Leaders themselves. If you have an ongoing quarrel with a member that does not seem like it will be resolved in the foreseeable future, make sure you contact a Race Commander or the Guild Leader.

* The Guild as a Living Community - With the new Living Guilds System that Mythic has created it is imperative that you fraternize with other members of the guild. There are many things a guild can do together including: Quests, Crafting, Exploring, Dying side-by-side in RvR, Slaughtering Chickens, PQs, Scenarios, City Sieging. I cannot stress how easily a guild can fall apart because of a lack of communication between its members. Guilds should never operate simply as a mass of total strangers in a global chat channel. So make sure you keep communications open and say "Hi" to everyone when you log in or "Good Night" when you're logging off! Its also expected that everyone in return says "Hi" and "Bye" to those members as well!

* Disciplining Wrongful Behavior - Disciplinary action is used as a necessary evil to keep rank. This guild does recognize that its members are human beings, and everyone makes mistakes and does regrettable things. If you attempt to cause unnecessary guild drama, start a verbal war in guild chat, disrespect any other member of the guild, or any number of unlisted things, you are going to earn yourself 1 discipline point. {I stole this idea from another guild, but am tweaking it some} For the next one week while you carry that point, you will be restricted from certain guild activities like scenarios, dungeons, city PQ sieging, etc. If at anytime during that week you have a point and cause trouble again you will be given a 2nd point, your week will be reset, and you'll be excluded from all guild events! If you acquire a 3rd point you will be immediately expelled from the guild!

~ Guild Structure ~

* Guild Leader ~ I am the leader; the all powerful ruler and final decision of everything with the help of my 3 Race Commanders! {see below in Race Commanders section for their description} I basically have all the time in the world and will be playing several different characters from all 3 Order Factions: High Elves, Dwarfs and Empire! It will take me a bit of time after Warhammer launches but once I get some time invested in each of those races I plan to know as much as possible to help everyone in the guild with anything!

* Race Commanders ~ There will only be a total of 3 Race Commanders at any given time! They will be helping me with leading the guild and learning all there is to know about the 3 Order Races. The way it works is there will be a Race Commander assigned too each of the 3 Destruction Races! Their priority is specialization in everything about that particular race, and knowing as much as possible about the 4 classes of their race! If your Class Officer is not on or cannot help you with your questions or problems then this is who you should speak with next, then of course the Guild Leader!

* Class Officers ~ There will be a total of 12 Class Officers! The way it works is there will be a Class Officers assigned too each of the 12 Order Classes. Their jobs are in helping the Race Commanders in becoming knowledgeable about certain aspects of that class when needed! They will also be the lead of their class for the guild, knowing everything about it, assisting members with questions, and explaining the ins-and-outs of that class!

* Members ~ As a member, treat everyone inside and outside of the guild as you yourself would want to be treated. If at any point in time you have a problem with the guild or another member, notify a Race Commander or the Guild Leader in private /tell chat, send an in-game letter via the mail system or send a PM via the forums! Please do-not openly accuse an Initiate, Member, Class Officer, Race Commander or even the Guild Leader in open guild chat or game chat of a private matter. Such instances will not be tolerated, if the private matter calls for an open guild discussion it will be left up to the Guild Leader and Race Commanders to elevate the issue to that point!

* Initiates ~ Those who have applied for guild recruitment via these forums or in-game! For the next one week you must prove yourself a valuable asset to the guild! After that one week initiation, an OK from the appropriate Race Commander, Class Officers, and other Members present; a final vote will be initiated on if you are of guild material. If you pass you will be immediately promoted to member status! If you do-not pass you will be asked to say your goodbyes and peacefully leave within 1hr. After which time you will be kicked from the guild by a Race Commander or the Guild Leader! There will be a one week waiting period on which to regain initiate status and try to gain membership with Khrymson Taijitu once again.

FYI: Everyone; the Guild Leader, Race Commanders, Class Officers, Members and yes you too the Initiates are all bound by the rules of the Guild Charter at all times!


With all that being said, I would never want the Race Commanders, Class Officers, Members or Initiates to ever get the idea that this guild will be run as if it was under the control of a dictator, however, one must recognize that it is also not a democracy. I say this because guilds without structure are doomed to failure. I am in no way power hungry, but I do possess the initiative, experience and dependability to run this guild for many long years and beyond.

If at any point in time you feel as if you can no longer comply with the guild charter, let a Race Commander or the Guild Leader know through a PM here on the forums, in-game mail or an in-game /tell and appropriate steps will be taken to solve the issue you're having.
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